Introduction to Spinnaker and Racing Program

Introduction to Spinnaker and Racing Program

Please get in touch with us to get detailed information about the education program.

Once you have completed an introduction to sailing program you are ready to join our yacht club and start yacht racing.

Additional Information

Sail Boat
Race yacht
Program Duration
Training days and race days
What Will You Learn?

Equipping the racing yacht

Racing rules

Crew position on a race yacht 



Recognizing spinnaker

Spinnaker pole

Spinnaker trim

Race strategy 

What Level Will You Reach?

You will experience racing a yacht. You will learn the spinnaker and race rules. Especially, you will be getting used to your crew position on a race yacht. This program allows you to become an amateur racer. If you liked racing after completing a beginner program and if you dream of advanced racing, you need to improve your racing skills. Our offshore programs would be a great option for you.

Generally our offshore program routes are  İstanbul to Tiriliye, İstanbul Strait to Çanakkale Strait, to İzmir and  to Bodrum. 

Installment Options

Garanti, Yapı Kredi, Halk Bankası ve QNB kredi kartlarına vade farksız 3 taksit imkanı. Havale/EFT ile ödemelerde %5 indirim fırsatı.