Yacht Racing In Istanbul

Many sailing events are organized in Istanbul with the largest fleet in Turkey. Among these events there are approximately 40 races a year. The daily races are mostly held in the Kalamış – Prince Islands route. In addition, five races are held in Bosphorus every year. 

The most prestigious sailing races are hosted in the Bosphorus by prestigious sailing clubs such as Hedef Yelken, Turkish Offshore Racing Club (TAYK), Istanbul Sailing Club (IYK) and Bahçeşehir University International Sailing Club (BAUISC). 

More than 200 boats started in the Bosphorus Regatta organized by Hedef Yelken in 2019. Bosphorus Regatta broke the record for being the most attended yacht race in Turkey with the help of its main sponsor VISA.

Inshore Racing

If you want to experience the competition at sea after completing your basic sailing courses, you can join to our training sessions and then join the races with the Hedef Yelken.

Whether you are just starting your racing adventure or you are an experienced sailor, Hedef Yelken is suitable for all levels. 

Offshore Racing

After you have experienced many sailing races there will be new opportunities for new adventures.You can join our offshore sailing team for longer routes. 

During the offshore races you will learn shift system, navigation planning, changing wind/weather conditions.  In addition, while you are racing around the clock you will be observing the beauties of the sea.