What is Hedef Yelken Yacht Club?

It is a privileged program that only Hedef Yelken students can become a member of.

How can I become a member of Hedef Yelken Yacht Club?

If you purchase our discounted advanced training package program or purchase our sailboat package renting programs, you can become a member of Hedef Yelken Yacht Club.

What are the Privileges of Being a Member of Hedef Yelken Yacht Club?

  • Free, one time, half day sailboat rental that you can use on weekdays,
  • Up to 20% discounts on advanced training,
  • Charter programs are 10% discount in daily sailboat rentals and up to 40% discount in overnight stay and package programs,
  • 10% discount for daily or overnight stay activities,
  • 15% member special discount at the Çardak Restaurant in Burgazada.