Aira 22

Aira 22

7.200 TL
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The Aira 22, which stands out with its modern and sporty design, is a great option for you if you want to spend a pleasant and comfortable day at sea. The Aira 22, which is an ideal boat for sailing with family and friends, stands out with its ease of use. If you do not have enough crew to charter a yacht or if you do not want to deal with docking maneuvers, do not miss this boat where you will enjoy sailing to the fullest.

After enjoying sailing all day long, you can drop anchor in a cove and swim in the sea or stop by Burgazada for lunch or dinner.

Additional Information

Boat Lenght: 6.5 m

Hull beam: 2.20 cm

Draft: 1.20 m

Boat weight: 930 kg

Sail area: 22 m²

Engine power: 5