Advanced Yachting Program
Advanced Yachting Program
Advanced Yachting Program
Advanced Yachting Program

Advanced Yachting Program

7.900 TL
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Our advanced yachting program compromises of 4 lessons. Three of these lessons are practical lessons and the last one is a theoretical lesson. In total the basic yachting program is 16 hours.

Practical lessons are given at sea with a 11-meter sailboat in 3 lessons, 4 hours each (3x4 hours). The lessons are group lessons with 4 people in the boat. Practical lessons can be taken between 09.00-13 / 14.00-18.00 hours. 

Theoretical lesson is given in a four-hour class via Zoom.

During the practical and theoretical lessons (in16 hours), you will learn how to do Mediterranean mooring, anchoring with sails, advanced sailing maneuvers and knowledge, sailing navigation. Safety is the most important thing in a sailing. For this reason, we will practice emergency situation, engine and possible problems and ‘‘man overboard’’ maneuvers.

Additional Information

Sail Boat
11 meters sailing yacht
Program Duration
16 hours (3 x 4 hour practical + 2 hour theoretical)
What Will You Learn?

Advance Sail Trim

Man Overboard Maneuvers

Navigation planning

Reading safety rules

Reading emergency rules

How to drop anchor and how to raise anchor with sail

How to anchor stern to  shore or pontoon

How to climb the mast

Fueling a sailboat

What Level Will You Reach?

You will have all the necessary skills of an amateur yacht captain such as maneuvering a boat and sailing skills. In addition to these, you will also gain some experience in preventing and solving minor technical problems that may arise and the application of different berthing and anchoring techniques.

Installment Options

Garanti, Yapı Kredi, Halk Bankası ve QNB kredi kartlarına vade farksız 3 taksit imkanı. Havale/EFT ile ödemelerde %5 indirim fırsatı.